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Our programs cover every stage of a product professional's career journey. We aim to assist individuals as they enter product management, enhance their skills, and connect with other professionals. We like to think of it as: Moving In, Moving Up, and Moving Together.

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Build a career in product by learning and applying skills used in real product roles at top technology companies.

Product Fundamentals
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Learn how to be a designer from scratch and get prepared for your first ever design job.

Design Fundamentals

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Moving In

Targeted at entry-level professionals. These programs are about removing the barriers to entry, and helping you get that first job. These are bootcamp-style cohort-based programs.
Moving up
Targeted at experienced professionals, these programs are about helping people with experience level up in specific skills.

Grow core capabilities and understand the mindset that makes senior product managers stand out.

Advanced Product Mgmt

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Learn how to lead other product managers and your cross-functional teams to excel in your people management path.

Product Leadership
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Real-world examples, applicable frameworks, and instructor-led learning of what product strategy is, and how to apply it.

Product Strategy
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Develop the skillset for how you can make the products you build more equitable, accessible and inclusive.

Equitable Product
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Learn from product peers, share learnings, and be challenged in your thinking and approach to product management.

Product Practicioners

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Learn from other designers, share learnings, and be challenged in your thinking and approach to design.

Design Practicioners

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Moving together

Community-focused study groups where members learn from each other's experiences, online community, and events. These offerings are focused on strengthening the community and lifetime support from Colab.

Lusi Heath

Product Owner @ BNZ

One of the best product courses I have done - extremely collaborative and highly engaging. Excellent content, awesome team of instructors and learning through your own product concept. Enjoyed the Cohort and meeting like minded people, an awesome stepping stone into my product journey

Jamie Dalson

Product Manager @ Hyper

I’ve always struggled with imposter syndrome in my product management journey - especially since I have either been a first hire within a startup or a remote PM running around in my own head for too long. My time with COLAB truely helped squash this and validate when I question myself to granularly, it’s these interactions that I’ve missed out on and I can’t say how valuable they are. The community built with COLAB is an inspiring place to be.

Nikki Home
Product Manager @ Meta
A great course for all things product. I've just recently moved into a product role and this gave me a great overview of the different parts of product, the role of the product manager, what product management isn't and generally what the expectations are for the role. It has given me more confidence that I do have the skills required, I just need to think differently and really be the voice of the customer. Learning to say No is another challenge, but I can see why that is so important.


This is the second cohort I’ve done through COLAB and again it has levelled up my product career even further. I have more confidence, have a better understanding of the full lifecycle, and because of what I’ve learnt, I’m actively applying it to my current role to move the needle on how to do product more effectively. 

Neha Saini

Head of Product @ Stealth Startup
Our programs are designed to grow with you and your career.
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