COLAB Cohorts


A community for product professionals to learn, share, and grow.

At COLAB we connect unique professional and personal experiences to drive collective learning. Our hand-picked and expertly-guided cohorts bring together product professionals to participate in real conversations, to produce shared learnings.

Our cohort offerings


Real-world examples, applicable frameworks, and instructor-led learning of what product strategy is, and how to apply it.


Grow core capabilities and understand the mindset that makes senior product practitioners and leaders stand out.


Build a career in product by learning and applying skills used in real product roles at top technology companies.


Learn more


Learn from product peers, share learnings, and be challenged in your thinking and approach to product management.

Join a diverse community of product professionals

Our members come from around the world, creating unique micro-communities of product professionals. We optimise our application process for a diversity of thought, culture, and experiences.

Dedicate time to learn from others with real conversations

We dedicate time for you to collaborate, learn and establish long-term relationships with other product professionals. We focus on creating a space for trusted, open, and honest conversations.

Make real relationships that last beyond a Slack community

By committing to and participating at COLAB, you get to share experiences and develop your skills with leading experts in your field, engaging in a life-long learning journey with peers that may share your same goals and aspirations.

Our members are product professionals from top companies


The COLAB Team

The COLAB team is made up of amazing humans with backgrounds at companies like Xero, Rightmove, Gig Wage, Marsello and Roam Digital. All of us are focused on building COLAB to drive the growth of our members and ensure you get the most value out of being a member of COLAB.


Why we built COLAB?

We created COLAB to fill the growth gap and create a forum for purposeful professional connections and development. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that allows you to learn from collective experiences, world class instructors, and hands-on experience to level up in your career.

Have a thought or questions for us? Get in touch at hello@colabcohorts.com or follow us on Linkedin / Medium.


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