We combine participation in cohort-based programs with access to content and community to help you supercharge your career, get promoted, and scale your organization’s impact.

By committing to and participating at COLAB, you get to share experiences and develop your skills with leading experts in your field, engaging in a life-long learning journey with peers that may share your same goals and aspirations.
We dedicate time for you to collaborate, learn and establish long-term relationships with other product professionals. We focus on creating a space for trusted, open, and honest conversations.
Our members come from around the world, creating unique micro-communities of product professionals. We optimise our application process for a diversity of thought, culture, and experiences.
A community for product professionals to learn, share, and grow.

Cohort-based programs and communities are the future of learning. At Colab we have programs designed to help you move into a career in product, develop new skills and learn from exceptional peers.

Real-world examples, applicable frameworks, and instructor-led learning of what product strategy is, and how to apply it.

MasteringProduct Strategy

Accepting Applications July NZT

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Grow core capabilities and understand the mindset that makes senior product practitioners stand out.



Accepting Applications June GMT and NZT

Build a career in product by learning and applying skills used in real product roles at top technology companies.


Management Fundamentals

Accepting Applications June GMT and NZT

Learn from product peers, share learnings, and be challenged in your thinking and approach to product management.

Product Practitioners

Opening for applications soon!

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Trusted by professionals from top companies

Lusi Heath

Product Owner @ BNZ

I am re-motivated to not only progress my product career but also to keep trying to influence and make a significant change in my organization. I am so grateful to everyone in my cohort, but also to our two facilitators who were so generous in their knowledge sharing. They both added so much value and the session structure was on point. I can’t recommend joining a cohort enough, it will be career-changing

Harry Martin

Product Lead @ Cotiss

They took what are fairly complex concepts and ideas and distilled them in a way that was both easily understandable and genuinely practical, guiding us through real-world examples of both “good” and “bad” strategies and how we can apply them to our businesses.

Beyond that, the other members of the cohort were collaborative, and insightful and represented a diverse range of thoughts and ideas. I learned just as much from them as I did from our instructors, something that I believe is what makes Colab so valuable to product professionals.

Shameem Daneshmend

Senior Product Manager @ ezyVet

Learning tons, collaborating, team-feel, and meeting a wonderful group of PMs who I hope we will keep in touch with as feels like we can be open with one another!


Excellent content, awesome team of instructors, and learning through your own product concept. Enjoyed the Cohort and meeting like-minded people, an awesome stepping stone into my product journey”

Priya Hiremath

DX Analyst