Claudia Baptista Fernandes
GM - Global Product Strategy at Xero
Claudia has an extensive background in strategy, having held positions in business development and product management at Facebook and Amazon. She now leads product strategy at Xero as the GM of Global Product Strategy.
Toby Delamore
GM of Product @Xero, Former Trade Me, Roam Digital.
Toby has a background in product leadership and strategy built at some of New Zealand's top technology companies. He has held product roles at Trade Me, Roam Digital, and Xero, where he has helped craft product strategies across different markets and businesses.
Mastering Product Strategy
Real-world examples, applicable frameworks, and instructor-led learning of what product strategy is, and how to apply it.

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Build your strategic skillset to create clarity and focus and, most importantly, achieve the autonomy and runway necessary to build great products.
why product strategy?
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Product Strategy Program Format
Product Professionals
You have 2-3+ years of in a product-related role or as a founder and want to build your strategic understanding to contribute more to building product strategy.
Product Managers
You have 2-3+ years of product management experience and are in a role that has the challenge of building or contributing to product strategy.
Product Leaders
You are a product leader with 1-3+ years experience, but would like to level up your strategic thinking.
In this cohort learn core competencies identified by COLAB as the key elements for creating a successful product strategy. These modules have been designed by real product and strategy practitioners who currently build product strategy daily.
This cohort is for product people with some general product experience who want to kick-start their learning of product strategy.
Drive more outcomes through strong strategic communication.
Understand what it takes to build your own product strategy.
Learn why product strategy matters and what it really is.
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Start date

Wednesday, July 5th NZT


Online group sessions


6 weeks


8:00am (NZST)


Max 20 members


$1,160.00 + GST NZD (or £605.00)

Includes 1 year COLAB Membership
This course can be paid for upfront or in monthly payments. We are happy to discuss flexible payment options as well.

If you are interested in using this program as part of your professional development spend, we can help you provide more detail for your company if needed. Also, Scholarships for Māori and Pasifika are available to join our upcoming programs starting in October. Get in touch with us at for more information.


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Trusted by professionals from top companies

Become aware of common product strategy pitfalls to avoid
No one said this would be easy. Learn where many people fall down when creating a strategy and how you can avoid the same mistakes.
Learn techniques for successful communicating of your strategy
Lack of communication to establish support can doom even great strategies. Gain confidence in how to socialise strategy, minimise surprises and weave a winning narrative.

Jamie Dawson

Product Manager @ Hyper

I’ve always struggled with imposter syndrome in my product management journey - especially since I have either been a first hire within a startup or a remote PM running around in my own head for too long. My time with COLAB truly helped squash this and validate when I question myself too granularly, it’s these interactions that I’ve missed out on and I can’t say how valuable they are. The community built with COLAB is an inspiring place to be.

Vincent Wong

Software Engineer @ Xero

As an engineer interested in product, the COLAB Product Management Fundamentals course was the perfect introduction to product concepts. We learned a plethora of practical skills such as identifying a customer problem, finding the target users, creating an MVP, designing prototypes, road mapping, user story writing, and more. After completing the course, I felt like I had a solid grasp of what it takes to be a product manager.

Melise Kee

Product Manager @ Xero

Fundamentals course was extremely valuable to me as a new and growing Product Practitioner. It allowed me to dive into topics that I hadn’t experienced before. The course was structured in a way that was very digestible and easy to follow even without existing product knowledge. Building a product concept around the techniques and skills learned really helped consolidate my knowledge and allowed me to experiment.


I have developed the skills to ask the Whys, and methods to analyse the product being built and process to track the progress collaboratively, along with providing leadership and support to the team via creating my own product concept. This course has provided me the confidence to work as a budding Product Manager along with the useful resources and tools to succeed. Big shoutout to John, Adam, and Toby for all the mentoring.

Hardi Mehta

DX Analyst

Who should participate in this cohort?

We recommend this cohort if you have been in a product role for at least a few years and are looking to grow your product strategy skills and knowledge.

How much time do I need to commit to the program?

At a minimum we do need you to join the two hours per week that we have sessions. We would also recommend putting aside a few more hours to work on your home work and chat with fellow cohort members on what you are learning.

What are your payment options?

We want to ensure everyone get's an opportunity to participate. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss flexible payment options.

Are all cohort sessions online?

Yes, we hold all our sessions online to enable access for people from different geographies. But, we also love to meet in person too (when we can) and organise wider COLAB coffees and drinks regularly that you can join!

Do I need to attend all six workshops?

We highly recommend that you do attend all of the cohort sessions. Of course, sometimes life comes up and we understand if people need to miss a session!

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