Lauren Croft
Product Manager @ Sharesies
Lauren is a Product Manager at Sharesies, her team focuses on the existing Sharesies platform that our investors know and love, building tooling to make the corporate action and tax experience lovable and fun.
Lauren originally started her career as a Structural Engineer, working on projects such as Transmission Gully, the Kaikoura earthquake recovery in Wellington and a number of bridges and wharfs in the lower North Island. After a stint travelling through Europe, Lauren returned to NZ in early 2020 and began working at Sharesies. Lauren has found the perfect opportunity in Shareises and Product combining her passion for solving complex problems, efficiency and processes, and sharing knowledge, as well as connecting with communities and empowering everyday people to grow their wealth.
Anesh Budhabhai
Senior Product Manager @ Xero
As a Senior Product Manager at Xero, Anesh leads product development teams focused on saving time, driving profitability and operational success for accountants and bookkeepers globally. Anesh brings over 15 years of Product Management experience across New Zealand and International start up businesses including Sonar6, Cornerstone on Demand and Symphony Talent.

Anesh is focussed on coaching the new generation of product people to solve complicated problems through simple and delightful solutions, while balancing six children and reliving his sporting endeavours when his body allows.
Product Management Fundamentals

Learn and apply the key real world skills and principles to become a successful product manager at top technology companies.

In this cohort you will accelerate your path into a product management career by learning the core foundations of product management from product vision to launching products to customers.

why product Fundamentals?
who is this cohort for

Past instructors and program creators

New to product management

You are interested in product management and may want to look at moving into a career in it.

Early career
You have started in your first product management role and would like to build a strong understanding of the core skills you need.
Adiacent roles
You are in a role that works closely with product managers and would like to better understand how product management works.

This cohort is for anyone looking to start their career in product management or who is in their first role in product management. You do not need product management experience to join this cohort.

Apply concepts of accessibility, inclusion, storytelling culture, co-design and data equity.
Learn how to create products that work for the wider communities, and produce positive business benefits by opening your products to larger user bases.
Look at your current craft through a lens of different intersections like gender, disability, ethnicity, indigeneity and be challenged on how you approach product management.

Trusted by professionals from top companies

Unlock the next stage of your product career
Learn how to nail your next Product Manager interview so you can step into or level up in your next product role.
Product MANAGEMENT fundamentals Program Format
This is a ten week cohort that uses live instructor-led sessions, group collaboration, and personal work to develop your own product concept. In this cohort you will learn core modules built by product leaders currently working in product management.
Key elements of product leadership
How to successfully apply important product leadership soft skills to thrive in a cross-functional team and business.
Our cohorts are designed to give you a richer learning experience.
Each week of learning with COLAB includes group collaboration, hands-on application, and real-world examples from current product leaders.
Sessions are live workshops with world-class Instructors where conversation and engagement are encouraged.
Join a cohort of engaged peers with who you will learn and grow alongside. Helping you create a community that drives your growth and theirs together.
Join the growing COLAB Community platform.

Accepting applications


Lusi Heath

Product Owner @ BNZ

One of the best product courses I have done - extremely collaborative and highly engaging. Excellent content, awesome team of instructors and learning through your own product concept. Enjoyed the Cohort and meeting like minded people, an awesome stepping stone into my product journey

Jamie Dawson

Product Manager @ Paloma Ventures

This is one of the best learning experiences I've had the privilege of being a part of. If you're already in product or starting to dip your toes into product, want to expand your learning and meet people in the community - look no further than Colab.

Nikki Home

Product Manager @ Meta

A great course for all things product. I've just recently moved into a product role and this gave me a great overview of the different parts of product, the role of the product manager, what product management isn't and generally what the expectations are for the role. It has given me more confidence that I do have the skills required, I just need to think differently and really be the voice of the customer. Learning to say No is another challenge, but I can see why that is so important.


This is the second cohort I’ve done through COLAB and again it has levelled up my product career even further. I have more confidence, have a better understanding of the full lifecycle, and because of what I’ve learnt, I’m actively applying it to my current role to move the needle on how to do product more effectively. 

Neha Saini

Head of Product @ Stealth Startup

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How about having a sneak peek at what the program is going to be about from the mouth of our own instructors?

What should I expect from this cohort?

You will meet once a week for a live session with your instructors and peers to learn and apply the key real world skills that make a successful product manager. This cohort focuses on combining the teaching of key skill sets and principles with applying your learning to your own product concept.

Who should participate in this cohort?

If you are starting out in your product career or want to transition into product management, this cohort is perfect for you. No product management experience is required to join this cohort.

How can I be part of this cohort?

You can apply using the links on this page to join our Product Fundamentals Cohort. There are only 20 spots available within these cohorts.

How much time do I need to commit to the program?

At a minimum we do need you to join the three hours per week that we have sessions. We would also recommend putting aside a few more hours to work on your home work and chat with fellow cohort members on what you are learning.

What are your payment options if cost is a barrier?

We want to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to invest in their growth and participate in our cohorts. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss flexible payment options and we will ensure you can access the cohort of your choice.

Are all cohort sessions online?

Yes, we hold all our sessions online to enable access for people from different geographies. But, we also love to meet in person too and organise wider Colab coffees and drinks regularly that you can join!

Do I need to attend all of the live sessions?

We highly recommend that you attend all of the cohort sessions. Of course, sometimes life comes up and we understand if people need to miss a session. If you do, we provide recordings of each session.

How can I learn more about a cohort to see if it is right for me?

Please reach out to us if you would like to talk more about a particular cohort. We are happy to talk and help you find the one that will give you the most growth and value.

key program details
Start date

March 7th 2023 (NZT)

Online group sessions

10 weeks


Tuesday - 6:30pm (NZT)


Max 18 Members


$1,450 NZD+GST

Includes 1 year COLAB Membership
This course can be paid for upfront or in monthly payments. We are happy to discuss flexible payment options as well.

If you are interested in using this program as part of your professional development spend, we can help you provide more detail for your company if needed. Also, Scholarships for Māori and Pasifika are available to join our upcoming programs starting in October. Get in touch with us at for more information.