Product Fundamentals: Make the shift to becoming a Product Manager


Introducing our Product Fundamentals cohort: A 10-week Learning Cohort to learn and apply product skills used in real product roles at top technology companies.

As part of COLAB's Product Fundamentals cohort you will:

Take part in 10 weeks of instructor led sessions on product management.
Create your own product concept to apply your knowledge, get feedback and accelerate your path to becoming a product manager.
Work with other product peers to learn, collaborate and grow together.
Get weekly feedback sessions with COLAB product mentors.
Have access to reading lists and content curated for the group.
Join conversations and gain knowledge from the growing COLAB Community platform.
Earn the COLAB Product Management Certificate.

What You Will Learn

Through group collaboration, developing your own product concept, and real world examples from current product leaders.

βœ… Identify and prioritise key customer problems

Identify the right business issues to solve for your organisation, and how to prioritise and execute outcomes for them.

πŸ›  Manage the product life-cycle

Understand how to create your product roadmap, develop a go-to-market strategy and measure the success of your product.

πŸ•Ή Create and pitch your own product concept

Get real experience & feedback throughout the cohort and pitch your final concept to product leaders.

πŸ”¬ Apply lean methodologies

Understand and apply lean methodologies to test your hypothesis, build and release successful products.

πŸ“š Key elements of product leadership

How to successfully apply important product leadership soft skills to thrive in a cross-functional team and business.

πŸš€ Unlock the next stage of your product career

Learn how to nail your next Product Manager interview so you can step into or level up in your next product role.

Key program details

Upcoming dates: March 2023
Format: Online group sessions
Duration: 10 weeks
Time: 3 hours per week NZST
Size: Max 15 members
Cost: $1,450 NZD / Β£880 GBP - UK cohort*
Scholarships for Māori and Pasifika are available to join our upcoming programs starting in October. Add a note when applying if you wish to be considered πŸ‘‡

We are happy to discuss flexible payment options for upfront or monthly payments. Please let us know!

*Includes 1 year Colab Membership FREE

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What should I expect from this cohort?

You will learn and apply the key real world skills that make a successful product manager. This cohort focuses on combining the teaching of key skillsets with COLAB's cohort-based collaboration learning.

Who should participate in this cohort?

If you are starting out in your product career or want to transition into product management, this cohort is perfect for you.

How can I be part of this cohort?

You can apply using the links on this page to join our Product Fundamentals Cohort. There are 14 spots available within these cohorts.

Meet your instructors for the cohort

Our instructors represent some of the best and brightest product managers who have worked for Trade Me, Roam, Xero and Hootsuite. They combine in-depth knowledge as practitioners with a passion for nurturing the next generation of talent.

PleaseΒ contact our team to find out who is instructing the upcoming course in your location.


Lauren Croft

Product Manager @ Sharesies

Lauren is a Product Manager at Sharesies, her team focuses on the existing Sharesies platform that our investors know and love, building tooling to make the corporate action and tax experience lovable and fun.

Lauren originally started her career as a Structural Engineer, working on projects such as Transmission Gully, the Kaikoura earthquake recovery in Wellington and a number of bridges and wharfs in the lower North Island. After a stint travelling through Europe, Lauren returned to NZ in early 2020 and began working at Sharesies. Lauren has found the perfect opportunity in Shareises and Product combining her passion for solving complex problems, efficiency and processes, and sharing knowledge, as well as connecting with communities and empowering everyday people to grow their wealth.


Anesh Budhabhai

Senior Product Manager @ Xero

As a Senior Product Manager at Xero, Anesh leads product development teams focused on saving time, driving profitability and operational success for accountants and bookkeepers globally. Anesh brings over 15 years of Product Management experience across New Zealand and International start up businesses including Sonar6, Cornerstone on Demand and Symphony Talent.

Anesh is focussed on coaching the new generation of product people to solve complicated problems through simple and delightful solutions, while balancing six children and reliving his sporting endeavours when his body allows.

Learn better with COLAB

We are helping grow product professionals from top companies. Come join us!


Previous COLAB cohort members’ experiences

β€œAs an engineer interested in product, the COLAB Product Management Fundamentals course was the perfect introduction to product concepts. We learned a plethora of practical skills such as identifying a customer problem, finding the target users, creating an MVP, designing prototypes, road mapping, user story writing and more. After completing the course, I felt like I had a solid grasp on what it takes to be a product manager.”

- Vincent Wong, Software engineer at Xero

"I am re-motivated to not only progress my product career but also to keep trying to influence and make a significant change in my organisation. I am so grateful to everyone in my cohort, but also to our two facilitators who were so generous in their knowledge sharing. They both added so much value and the session structure was on point. I can’t recommend joining a cohort enough, it will be career-changing."

- Lusi Heath, Product Owner @ BNZ

I have developed the skills to ask the Whys, methods to analyse the product being build and process to track the progress collaboratively along with providing leadership and support to the team via creating my own product concept. This course has provided me the confidence to work as a budding Product Manager along with the useful resources and tools to succeed.

- Hardi , Software Implementation Specialist @ Serko

The COLAB Fundamentals course was extremely valuable to me as a new and growing Product Practitioner. It allowed me to dive into topics that I hadn’t experienced prior and the course was structured in a way that was very digestible and easy to follow even without existing product knowledge. Building a product concept around the techniques and skills learned really helped consolidate my knowledge and allowed me to experiment.The cohort style of learning and mentoring which COLAB offered I believe helped broaden my horizons in product greatly. It enabled me to get insight into product concerns experienced by a wide range of people at different companies. I highly enjoyed expanding my product network with this great group of people

- Melise Kee, Product Owner @ Xero


Who should participate in this cohort?

If you are starting out in your product career or want to transition into product management, this cohort is perfect for you. We encourage people who are looking to move into their first product role or who are looking to grow in the product skills outlined to apply for this cohort.

How does the project work?

Each week we will learn about a different aspect of product management. You will apply those skills to your own product concept that you will create. This is a no-code product concept that you can create in a number of ways we will tell you about (unless of course, you want to code it, which would be cool too).

How much time do I need to commit to the program?

At a minimum we do need you to join the three hours per week that we have sessions. We would also recommend putting aside a few more hours to work on your product concept and chat with fellow cohort members on what you are learning.

What are your payment options?

We want to ensure everyone get's an opportunity to participate. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss flexible payment options.

Are all cohort sessions online?

Yes, we hold all our sessions online to enable access for people from different geographies. But, we also love to meet in person too and organise wider COLAB coffees and drinks regularly that you can join!

Do I need to attend all 10 workshops?

This will give you the best chance to learn as much as possible. Of course, sometimes things come up and that is okay too! We just ask you give as much heads up to you fellow cohort members and instructor if you might miss a session.

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